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Firefox Flicks Interview

CNet has an interesting interview with Asa and Pete Macomber discussing the recent Firefox Flicks Contest.

SiteAdvisor Spyware Quiz

Site Advisor is running a quiz to see if users can correctly identify sites that ship spyware with their products. A few things crossed my mind while taking the quiz: The age old method of knowing if an establishment is legitimate is to ask someone who knows, or rely on reviews. In my case I […]

Spain looks into Monkey Rights

As a fan of our primate friends, I’m 100% behind this proposed bill: The socialist PSOE party is apparently intent on introducing a bill aimed at giving apes the same rights as man, “and the immediate inclusion of these animals as people.” As a result, the bill adds that apes “should have the same moral […]

Save the Internet

I’ve spent quite a bit of time encouraging browser choice and platform choice by strongly advocating and encouraging compatibility. It’s sad but it’s now time to do advocate the right to choose what websites and/or services you want to use. If you enjoy using: Search engine of your choice VoIP provider of your choice Music/Video […]

Google Whois

Dear Google, I wish you would implement whois support. It’s pretty much the only thing I can’t search with google, but seem to do on a routine basis. How long before I can whois a domain or IP address in Google? Just right in the google search box. If it’s an IP or domain, give […]

Microsoft’s Playground

Beautiful tour of Microsoft’s Mac Lab. I think my favorite is the pic of all the Mac Mini’s. Every geek’s dream is to have a hardware collection that vast. I really love how they manage OS versions: …On each machine we have two volumes: ChangeOS and Mac OS X. The Mac OS X volume is […]

Corporate Updating

Had a little discussion last night that got me wondering, so I thought I’d post the question. How does your company update products that offer in built-in updating functionality, like Firefox? Do you leave the functionality enabled and let the applications developer push updates to your desktop, or do you disable auto-update (I think app.update.enabled […]

Firefox Bus

Some pictures of a Firefox Bus. Pretty cool.

Da Google Code

Ok, title to this post is lame, but I couldn’t think of anything better. Google’s Da Vinci Code Quest is now online. It’s supposed to have a new puzzle every day until release. So far I got the first puzzle, so perhaps I’ll make a goal of trying to do them all. Wasn’t to hard. […]

Underground bunker from 19xx

This is just a scary image. According to the caption it’s: One of five underground bunkers built for the East German Foreign Intelligence Service. Take a guess what year, then click on the image to see the original which has the date on it (I cropped and scaled this one). According to Wikipedia, the image […]