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WPF/E in Firefox

Mike Harsh discusses a bit about WPF/E as a cross platform solution, and includes a Firefox extension, leaving me to believe another Firefox extension from Microsoft is in the works (first being Microsoft Genuine Advantage). Mac support too.

For those wondering what WPF/E is, I’d recommend reading this and of course a wikipedia entry.

I do wonder if yet another framework to fragment the computing world is needed. Especially with things like SVG, Canvas and the Web Applications 1.0 Specification aka (X)HTML5, among existing technologies already in motion. But that’s another discussion.

3 replies on “WPF/E in Firefox”

I wonder why all the MicroSoft guys call Firefox “FireFox”… 😉

It would be interesting to know if this extension is truly cross-platform (does it work on Linux/x86? Linux/x86_64? Linux/ppc? QNX? *BSD? etc…)

marcoos: I’d expect it to work on at least the more popular *nix platforms. If they expect this to take off, they need good compatibility… they have started to realize this. Firefox support is proof of that.

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