Google Widget Licensing?

Google’s Personal Homepages allow for some really neat widgets. Interestingly, there are quite a few by Google Inc, that even provide source code, so you can see exactly how they were made (super cool!). There is something that concerns me though. No mention on licensing, or how it would even work.

Say, someone wanted to create an open source framework of code for making widget creation easier (such as copy paste of great libraries such like prototype.js, or jslib among others). How would licensing be noted?

Say someone else wanted to create a project under an open source license, and collaborate to create a widget. Again, how would that be handled? Are you limited to purely a <!-- --> comment to display the licensing block?

Some talented Google employees wrote some great widgets, but there’s no license on how they can be used. Ideally they would be under a very liberal license, so that their code could be included under virtually any circumstance to build derivative works.

Looks to me like the Module Preferences need to have a “license”.

I’d be curious to know Google’s intentions/position on this topic.

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