Firefox for only $37.95?

SiteAdvisor has an interesting article up on a scam where a site makes people pay to download Firefox. As much as $37.95!

I’ll let you all in on a little secret. For the next 30 x 6.022 x 1023 days, you can get Firefox completely FREE! No ads, no spyware, and no spam! Just download here.

What’s the catch? Enjoy the internet, and perhaps tell a friend ;-).

Ok, but seriously it’s pretty sad to see people scamming innocent internet users. Just remember when you tell people about Firefox, to give them an official URL (,,, and tell them it’s 100% free.

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I’ve had and a host of similar sites in my ‘competitive ad filter’ settings on Google Adsense, so that their adverts won’t show up on my site. I talk about Firefox a lot and want users to get it for free as they’re supposed to.

Why pay for something when you can get something better legally for free? πŸ˜†
I can’t verify this, because is off-limits to non-members, who have to pay something for the membership… I think that’s the 37.95 that they have to pay. Not sure, though… will someone verify for me?

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