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Yahoo Widget for Sunbird

Yahoo Widget

Interesting to see Yahoo Widgets support Sunbird right out of the box! Wonder if that will work with Lightning?


Yahoo Dashboard

Ok, this is just asking for a lawsuit. Does the same thing with apparently the same name. Not sure if the article is just inaccurate with the term “Dashboard” or if that was accurate.

The only complexity is that Apple allegedly got the idea for Dashboard by stealing from Konfabulator.

This will be interesting.


The ports keep marching forward

I’m a strong believer that form = function. A well designed product just works better.

My T43 is a fairly well designed computer, minus it’s few shortcomings. Now take a look at the T60, which I just don’t understand. Why is the VGA port half way down the side of the laptop? Why is USB so far down the left side? Why is Ethernet there?

Perhaps they are operating under the idea that everyone uses their laptop on the go, and nobody uses it at a desk. But personally I find even the T43’s Ethernet (which is further to the back on the left side) a little annoying. I think the new positioning is just asking for it to get hit and broken.

Am I the only one who likes the cables in the back (out of the way)?

Hopefully they at least figured out that using an SATA drive would be a good idea. That way they get rid of those 2010 errors plaguing T43 owners.

I do however like that they kept the same simple design, rather than go with the glow-in-the-dark plastic with flashing lights design that many seem to like.

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Patch for WMF Exploit is out

It’s officially been released. Anyone running Windows should run Windows Update, or download the patch now. CNet has more info on the topic.

Do not wait. Install, and reboot.


When did Logitech drop the ball

I’ve been a fan of Logitech products for a while. I’m typing on a Logitech Cordless Navigator Duo right now. My only complaints about this Keyboard/Mouse combo are:

  1. Mouse batteries drain way to fast. Should be rechargeable.
  2. Software for it is extremely buggy. Doesn’t work on my Mac, and causes my PC to blue screen about 3X a day if installed. So I use the built in drivers on both OS’s. Meaning most extra keys don’t work.

I like some of the newer models like the MX 3100 (which you can find cheaper at ZipZoomFly. But no Mac support, and I’ve read it has issues with some KVM’s (which I do have). They also have a Mac Keyboard. Which is listed on Amazon @ $99.

Why the heck are their platform specific keyboards? For a long time keyboards worked well on either platform, then Logitech apparently stopped caring about the Mac drivers, and moved on to their next generation (leaving their PC drivers in the dust too).

Are their best days behind them? Their products have always been nice, but unless they start working on drivers and compatibility, I’ve got to start looking elsewhere.

For now I think I’ve got to get some Radio Shack brand rechargeable batteries, and just forget about all the extra keys on my keyboard. I considered a replacement several months ago. But I don’t see a good alternative to what I have. Mine works pretty well with a KVM and cross platform. Heck mine even has Apple and Alt written on the same key.

Someone should tell Logitech to stop making half assed products. They aren’t the only ones. I’ll be ranting about more in coming months. Some companies seem to intentionally cripple products, and it’s just stupid.

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New Years 360

Some awesome QuickTime VR Panorama’s are available on this website. Very impressive stuff. Worth checking out.