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Trolling is getting out of hand

The vast majority of Internet users are by far peaceful, sharing, and helpful. This especially holds true for the Mozilla Community. Though recently there seems to be a surge in the amount of Trolls parading around, and quite frankly, it needs to stop.

Daniel Glazman had to shut off comments a few months ago. Asa’s also been fighting this war.

Recently I wrote a rebuttal to a rather bogus article that made up “myths” in order to spread FUD. The author then retaliated like he has on many other sites by posting under several assumed names to rally his point of view (I’ve verified this thanks to David Hammond‘s help, who BTW picked out the bogus comments just by eye). The author has been banned from numerous blogs/forums including Mozillazine for spamming his poorly researched articles and using false identities to create his own fan base.

Recently he’s decided to step things up by falsely using Asa as an endorsement. FYI he’s also using me as an endorsement by pulling my words out of context (just ellipse over the bad part) to make it look like I approve of the content rather than view it as an interesting fictional work. Here’s more on the topic. Yes he’s been asked to remove it or correct it so that it accurately reflects my intent when it was written. Making it appear as if Asa is against the very product he works so hard for, is just wrong (I can assure you Asa is a Firefox fan or he wouldn’t be doing as much as he does).

I’m somewhat pissed to see someone would go that far as a troll. I’ve even debated the idea of creating a blacklist, so we can collaborate and just block these individuals. I advocate people telling what sucks about Firefox (I wrote the reporter tool explicity so users can tell us what problems they encounter). But this childish trolling is just problematic. I’d question the legality of mis-representing someone, as well as the use of bogus names when leaving comments (may now be illegal).

I really hate to waste bandwidth with this type of stuff, but looking at other blogs recently, it’s becoming a real problem.

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Couldn’t you sue him for misrepresenting what you said? I fear that may be the only way a scumbag like him will stop trolling.

Well to be fair, Glazman said some very contoversial things and attacked others’ beliefs, so he was just inviting a flame war. Not that I condone trolling in any way, shape or form.

Maybe there should be a law that punishes trolling. This problem will get even worse, not only with Mozilla Community, but with other communities too.

Eventually, goverments will be required to have some laws against Internet trolling.

A law? Impossible! Americans are told every day they have freedom of speech, which must be exercised at every moment, and nobody can tell you otherwise. This is not the case in europe where we have freedom of speech, but know when it’s needed. That’s a broad generalisation, but my point is that if the government wanted to create a law, it’d be debated for years and if it did get through, would be impossible to enforce.

Getting rid of trolls has to start by teaching people to not be self-serving single minded gutter scum like Andrew K.

I agree that something should be done, but I fear these kind of posts only fuel his amusement.

Trolling is getting out of hand, when I look at some forums. The guy you’ve mentioned is more as heavily biased as some firefox fans πŸ˜‰
To me he isn’t a troll, he is comparable to an former iraqi minister, telling the heroic victories over the ruthless infidels.
Regarding browser size, disk space requirement, IE 6.x is needing 8.7 MB – 12.7 MB of available hard disk space only?
Then why ie60.exe is listed with 76.74 MB April 26 2002 07:04:45 PM at ? If you want to see them all:


Let me also remind you someone used my identity to post a hat comment on Gerv’s blog… Fortunately, Gerv is a wise guy and pinged me about it.
Comments are cool but keeping cool things cool can be tough.

As long as Mozilla has been alive, there has been naysayers. Remember the MQ site? I too don’t understand how a free piece of software can cause so much friction. Internet kookery and techno-drama queens I guess. Don’t let them drag you into the shadows where they lurk.

I really don’t understand why people are treating this any more seriously than they did Andkon. ignore it and it’ll go away. Keep linking to it on the Planet every day and it won’t. Not rocket science.

– Chris

I agree that we need to criticise Firefox – you would need to have your head permanently wedged where the sun doesn’t shine to believe that Firefox was perfect. It’s not, and we need to point out where there are problems so that they can be fixed.

People complain about Firefox’s memory usage for example, so there’s now an effort to identify memory links and (hopefully) fix them. Successive releases of Firefox have improved compatibility on the Mac as well.

Trolling is not the way to go about it though.