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As Stuart mentions work on cairo/thebes builds has progressed quite a bit lately. I tried a build the other day, and I think it was the first build I’ve seen that could be used as a browser (previous builds I’ve seen were almost unusable due to rendering issues). At times it seemed graphics were loading a little slow, and there were a few small UI quirks (spacing for fonts is sometimes odd, pull down menu’s sometimes are to thin, and other little things), but it’s functional. I’m writing this post using the build right now.

Really cool to see this progress. Last time I played with one of these builds, it was pretty ugly. Can’t wait to see what this looks like in a few months.

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I guess you tried a Linux build ? I am currently trying a Windows build and this is not usable. The text in the menu’s only becomes visible when I move over it. Most of the times I do not see what I have typed (for example in the addressbar or in the searchbar.

I have to select most of the text to be able to view it. It is there, but I cannot normally view it. Therefore I would not yet recommend Windows users to try this for regular browsing and I hope the Linux version is more mature.

PS: Below this form to post my comment I see a button with nothing on it. I guess that button will post my comment. At least I hope so. After that it is time for me to return to a Firefox nightly build.

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