100,000 reports and counting


Reporter has received report #100,000! The first report came in 2005-05-15 10:12:07 PST. Now at we have report 100,000 reports and counting in the database.

And we’re not done. I’ve been going through the data, as well as making reporter better so we can get more out of the data. We’ll be allowing users to [opt-in and] submit screenshots soon. A new improved version of the webtool will allow for better analysis of the data. That’s what’s to come in this next development cycle.

I wanted to stay up for 100k, but it was to late for me. Oh well.

Did I mention our users rock for participating and letting us know what bugs them?

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@Mike: I know a few have been fixed via email with me (no bug), and a some have (and are being) fixed as webmasters visit the system themselves and discover issues.

That’s why some sites just stop gathering reports after a while.

It’s impossible to count how much this really benefits. When it’s linked into bugzilla, it will be a little easier to use bugzilla with reporter, but until then, it’s a somewhat ad-hoc system.

Just back from a week in Japan, meeting with the Mozilla team there. I’ll be passing on a bug with reporter that the Japan team shared with me, that essentially prevents them from using Reporter in Japanese. They showed me the problem, which renders Japanese text as a string of question marks rather than as kanji or katakana characters. More soon via email.

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