6 thoughts on “Yahoo Widget for Sunbird

  1. Probably not. Sunbird 0.2 stores calendar data in an ICS file, and that’s what the Daily Planner widget looks for. Sunbird 0.3a, and I assume Lightning, stores calendar data in storage.sdb.

  2. I know nothing about either Yahoo Widgets or Sunbird, but I would guess that Sunbird somehow registers itself as a calendar program in the Windows Registry and this widget just lists all programs that have registered themself as such.

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  4. Und wie hast du es geschafft, dass das Sunbird 0.3a1 mit dem Zeug funktioniert?
    Es wurde mich interessieren 🙂

  5. the yahoo widget when it comes to sunbird is flawed. the to do list is in alphabetical order and connot be changes to the due date.

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