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Yahoo Widget for Sunbird

Yahoo Widget

Interesting to see Yahoo Widgets support Sunbird right out of the box! Wonder if that will work with Lightning?

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Probably not. Sunbird 0.2 stores calendar data in an ICS file, and that’s what the Daily Planner widget looks for. Sunbird 0.3a, and I assume Lightning, stores calendar data in storage.sdb.

I know nothing about either Yahoo Widgets or Sunbird, but I would guess that Sunbird somehow registers itself as a calendar program in the Windows Registry and this widget just lists all programs that have registered themself as such.

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Yahoo Widget for Sunbird Schon cool… Yahoo Widget’s unterstützt sogar Sunbird out of the Box 🙂 Partition Images with Partimage, Partimaged
Wie man Images von Partitionen mit Partimage und dem Partimaged lokal oder remote erstellt, beschreibt…

Und wie hast du es geschafft, dass das Sunbird 0.3a1 mit dem Zeug funktioniert?
Es wurde mich interessieren 🙂

the yahoo widget when it comes to sunbird is flawed. the to do list is in alphabetical order and connot be changes to the due date.

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