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Wengo Preview

Daniel Glazman hooked me up a few days ago with a preview of the OpenWengo extension for Firefox he’s been working on. It didn’t work with a build of mine (likely my fault), but did of course work with Firefox which I tested with. I’m on very limited bandwidth here, and voice quality was […]

MacWorld Disney World/Land?

How long until this results in Mac World Disney World or MacWorld Disney Land? That’s what we all really want to know.

Trolling is getting out of hand

The vast majority of Internet users are by far peaceful, sharing, and helpful. This especially holds true for the Mozilla Community. Though recently there seems to be a surge in the amount of Trolls parading around, and quite frankly, it needs to stop. Daniel Glazman had to shut off comments a few months ago. Asa’s […]

Stick to Certified WiFi Gear

Gartner is warning against early adoption of 802.11n citing the need for more testing, and waiting for the specs to be truly finalized before adoption (likely 2007). I couldn’t agree with them more. 802.11 gear is only good if the devices are “Certified” (not to be confused with “Compatible”). I’d bet that 90% of problems […]

Private DNS Address Space

RFC 1918 defines the following IP blocks as designated for private intranets: – (10/8 prefix) – (172.16/12 prefix) – (192.168/16 prefix) I think it’s about time we have the same thing for DNS, for example: .dev .intra The logic is as follows. .dev for intranet based development instances of […]

Google Web Authoring Statistics

Google has some great Web Authoring Statistics. Very cool stuff.

Reporter NextGen

Just a little status update for the curious. I’ve been hacking away at reporter quite a bit lately, after a little break. I discussed my plans a few months ago. My tree now has the ability to send an image of the page I’m reporting to my dev instance of the reporter server. This will […]

Windows Loopback

Why does windows have a crummy loopback interface? Once again, thank you Mac OS X for being there for me. Edit: oh yea, 802.11 support isn’t to good either. Not sure whose fault that is. Took me a few minutes to figure that out.

Cairo Builds

As Stuart mentions work on cairo/thebes builds has progressed quite a bit lately. I tried a build the other day, and I think it was the first build I’ve seen that could be used as a browser (previous builds I’ve seen were almost unusable due to rendering issues). At times it seemed graphics were loading […]

100,000 reports and counting

Reporter has received report #100,000! The first report came in 2005-05-15 10:12:07 PST. Now at we have report 100,000 reports and counting in the database. And we’re not done. I’ve been going through the data, as well as making reporter better so we can get more out of the data. We’ll be allowing users to […]