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Confusing Cross Browser UI Design

Most have heard by now that Internet Explorer is adopting the Firefox RSS icon to standardize and help users who hate having to remember what equivalent icons are. Of course this is great for users. Though I wish they were a bit more consistent with their practices. UI design cross browsers is important simply for […]

Holiday SQL

You’ve got to be somewhat nerdy for this, but if your reading this, you automatically qualify. Perhaps I’ll add to this list when I’m bored. If I have the time. If someone is so inclined, feel free to do so below. Santa’s Present List SELECT fName, lName, street, city, state, zip, country FROM people WHERE […]

Finals Nearly Complete

I’ve got 1 more final tomorrow evening, and I’m pretty much done (one assignment left, but that’s no big deal). Sorry for recycling old images, but that one really seems pretty accurate. I think it’s bed time, so I can get up early and enjoy some more studying.

My PDA Doesn’t Stay Up Past Midnight

Recently my Sony Clie has been giving me the following error when I try to HotSync: — Date Book – Your device does not support events spanning midnight. The end time was set to 11:55 on both the Palm Desktop and the device for this event: [event description I finally found the problem. You need […]

iPod Sync Private Testing

Before I do a more general release, I want to get a few more technical people to give it a try, so I can get any big issues resolved. Please email me (using the form) the following info if you wish to participate: Name Email OS iPod Version Experience You will need to be using […]

American Express: Fixed

I blogged a while back about American Express being a real problem for Firefox users. This issue (bug 294201) is now fixed! Thanks to everyone who participated on that bug, and of course whomever at American Express actually fixed it. American Express was by far our most reported website in Firefox 1.5 thus far. So […]

Wikipedia Surfing

Has anyone else noticed you can visit Wikipedia, view an article, and pretty much end up surfing on Wikipedia for hours? I’ve done this several times now. Just reading and “oh, that looks interesting [open in new tab]”, and by the time I read an article, 2+ new tabs are open. After a while I […]

It’s the most annoying time of the year

While some will be at the Firefox Summit, or enjoying the snow expected this week around here, I’m getting ready for some finals. Needless to say, my availability will be limited at some times during the next few weeks. So if you don’t get a reply from me, don’t think I’m ignoring you, your just […]

New Keyboard

I said the other day, I asked IBM support for a new keyboard because I felt the one that shipped was of lower quality (to which many Thinkpad users agree). Yesterday, a 14″ keyboard arrived. I called them, they acknowledged the error, and sent me a 15″ keyboard (my laptop has a 15″ display, so […]

Kerio Personal Firewall Saved

Sunbelt Software bought Kerio Personal Firewall, saving it from being killed by Kerio (who is discontinuing the product at the end of the year). I’ve been using it for a few months, after using Sygate Personal Firewall for ages (which is also discontinued now that it’s owned by Symantec). I must say Kerio is much […]