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mozPod 0.1 Released

I decided to release mozPod 0.1 as a late Christmas Gift. This is of course a 0.1 release (beta quality at best), so of course feedback is desired. I’m positive bugs remain, and I’m positive there are some larger bugs still in that code. Testing is needed to locate them. So if you download, make sure to come back here and let me know how it goes for you. I know there is no unicode support just yet, and the Thunderbird UI may get a little slugish during sync (though once sync is done it should go back to normal).



For those who don’t know, mozPod is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension to allow for easy transfer of the users address book to the popular Apple iPod for mobile use. The extension has a minimal UI and is designed to be as automatic as possible.


Special thanks to David Bienvenu (who hopefully will get a blog sooner than later 😉 ), and Boris Zbarsky for their help, and everyone who volunteered and participated in testing.

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Does this work for any peripheral storage? If that is the case (I hope so!), the “pod” in mozPod is misleading. Besides, already the “moz” is misleading.

@Gandalf: yes there will be a Linux version. I just prefer to take care of 2 platforms first, then drop in Linux support. Linux and Mac OS X are pretty much the same thing, so once I have one, we get both.

@Thomas: try uninstalling and reinstalling MozPod. Are you using a localized version of Thunderbird?

After getting the same XML parsing error, TB lands in an endless loop of “No Disk” error messages, combined with some “ipod sync success” in the background. 🙁

I asume this happens because i have an external cardreader so i have many external (and often, empty) drives.
I guess i’ll have to wait untill i can configure this extension to sync only to devicenames of my choice (I use 2 ipods 😉 )

I had the same problem and then tried upgrading Thunderbird to the 1.5 RC2. I then installed MozPod again and it worked fine.

Very excited to see this released, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything. The notification comes up, “Syncronizing”, but nothing happens. I selected the “Show Alert after Sync” option, and have yet to see another notification other than the original one. I have only the Talkback 1.5 extension running, and using TB 1.5 RC2. Oh, and I’m on WinXP Home.

Just fyi.

Well Done.
Along with your requests to add it to operating systems I will add my request to extend it beyond contacts to Sundbird/Calendar syncing Calendar/ToDo’s.

I’ve tried it twice now. Installed okay, but on startup I get the parse error. Plus, I get a “Disk not in drive” error. The sync works, but after iPod is disconnected, Thunderbird keeps on popping up “Disk not in Drive” – I can click continue, or cancel, or try again, and it keeps on popping up. Both times now I’ve had to uninstall the extension. I look forward to the complete version! Mozilla programs rock and it would be great to get this one going well! Thanks for your continued efforts.

Oh sorry forgot to say – using iPod firmware 2006-01-10 on iPod mini, using Thunderbird 1.0.6 and no other extensions. Also iTunes if that matters.

It worked fine for me, though it told me it had updated before I’d enabled disk use, so I was a bit confused by that. I went looking for something like this a few months ago and couldn’t find anything, but patience has rewards. Thanks!

Only sync’s some of my contacts, so I deleted them and tried again now is only syncing a select few ❓

The extension appeared to install without problems and it has picked up all my contacts. The only problem is that my ipod [5 gen with video] is only displaying some of the contact information [name, email and org]. I am using the latest versions of thunderbird and itunes. The only other extension I have in thunderbird is the calender.

I hope I can get it working properly because it is just the extension I have been looking for.


Love the mod, I got the XML parsing error others talked about when I open Thunderbird, but I can click on it and it goes away and the MozPod runs just fine.

One thing, though… there’s an option (that I’d love to use) to ignore collected addresses, but it seems to be grayed out. Is this something for the future, or am I missing something I need to do to “unlock” it?

How much time it can take to add unicode support? 30 minutes? one hour? I was trying it, but I have no experience with mozilla developement.. It also looks that it doesn’t handle all the fields of TB addressbook (nickname for example)

[…] I’ve been really trying lately to keep away from a ton of Microsoft tool sat home, so I can lessen my computer budget and concentrate more on spending money on important stuff…. Anyway, I just found this swank little Thunderbird extension called Mozpod. And it is sweet. […]

Wow, this little application is very powerful and useful. My girlfriend washed my nano, so I go a new 30GB video and decided to sync everything I could, using it as a backup and music/video player.

Thanks a lot!

I work great with TB, but recently I decide install TB 2.0.0 RC1 and it doesn’t work. ¿Will see a upgrade that it work with TB 2.0.0? Please, upgrade it, it’s a very fine application.

Any planned support for Anapod explorer? Mozpod installs just fine on an X64 system but cannot sync up, due to my unwillingness to use iTunes. I’ll be keeping an eye on this extension.

Thanks for the reply Robert. It would appear that the problem is with Thunderbird X64 for 64 bit systems. I moved to Thunderbird 2.0 (32bit) and ran the Mozpod wizard and now all my contacts are on my Ipod. Thanks for a great app.


could you please post the set-up instructions? no matter how many times I install mozpod and restart thunderbird, no set-up wizard appears (i’m running windows vista–yuck!–on an acer laptop)

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