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Last project of the year

I’m working on a secret extension for the Extend Firefox contest. A bit simpler than other stuff I’ve done, but still pretty cool. Nothing fancy, just an interesting twist as usual. I’ll release it here in a few days. It’s starting to be pretty stable.

mozPod 0.1 Released

I decided to release mozPod 0.1 as a late Christmas Gift. This is of course a 0.1 release (beta quality at best), so of course feedback is desired. I’m positive bugs remain, and I’m positive there are some larger bugs still in that code. Testing is needed to locate them. So if you download, make […]

RSS Feed Update

I’ve made some changes to how RSS feeds around here. First and foremost we use the Firefox Feed Icon in hopes of pushing it as a standard. Secondly all links in RSS feeds should now be absolute links thanks to a few new lines of code. That should remove any issues bothering some people whose […]

Tracking Santa

Using Google Earth you can now track santa. You’ll need to open this kml file in Google Earth and it will start tracking Santa. You can press F11 to put it in Full Screen mode (and again to get out of full screen) to turn your computer into a Santa tracker. Geeks should note it’s […]

Sixth Robert

I’m now the 6th Robert on Yahoo. I haven’t even found myself on Google. It’s going to take a lot to topple Robert Scoble. Edit: No longer on the list as of 12/26/2005. Hmm.

Happy Festivus

Once again Happy Festivus. This year, there is quite a bit of media coverage this yet. Yea! Unfortunately no stores seem to have any commercials that mention it. Perhaps it’s time that change?

Google Earth A Threat

If some of this silliness keeps going on, were going to end up having airplanes without windows, because it could threaten security if you look outside. Perhaps it’s time for some countries to consider building roofs over classified equipment, or perhaps putting a tarp over it. What ever happened to underground bunkers and camouflage?

Site Maintenance

Like every good master, did a little site maintenance. Well, quite a bit actually. Most shouldn’t be visible (just yet). If you notice any problems let me know. I did correct a few pesky things, but you never know what may come up. Had a problem with trackbacks not working, though that should be resolved […]

Firefox Myths?

Someone looking for their 5 minutes of fame (obviously not worth 15 minutes) decided to post some Firefox Myths. It’s an interesting read, though has a few oddball statements, that really don’t make sense. “Firefox has lower System Requirements than Internet Explorer” The author omits that the “system requirements” don’t make the product usable. It’s […]

The end of Internet Explorer 5 for Mac

Microsoft Says: In June 2003, the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit announced that Internet Explorer for Mac would undergo no further development, and support would cease in 2005. In accordance with published support lifecycle policies, Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31st, 2005, and will provide no further security or performance […]