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Microsoft’s Hibernation Bug

This bug annoys me to no end. There are quite a few of us out there who need more than 1GB of RAM to get by these days, especially those on a laptop (trying to minimize use of that paging file because it’s on a 5400RPM Hard Drive). Officially it diagnoses the cause as:

This problem occurs because the Windows kernel power manager cannot obtain the memory resources that are required to prepare the computer to hibernate.

It seems to be something related to memory fragmentation, as many people have noted. I really hope Microsoft doesn’t wait until SP3 to release a hotfix for this. There’s more discussion of this problem here.

Oh come on Microsoft. Get us a decent patch. I really don’t want to be using something that you consider so experimental you won’t even post on your website. Especially when one of the files involved is Ntoskrnl.exe. Please take care of us. Us large memory users are Power Users, and do represent a fair amount of your business (especially since many Power Users work in corporate IT departments). Keep us happy.

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