Microsoft Genuine Advantage for Firefox

As reported by, Microsoft now supports Windows Genuine Advantage for Firefox. You can check this by visiting this page and getting the plugin. This will make it easier to download from Microsoft’s site. Microsoft earlier in the year fixed another issue blocking some Firefox users. It’s great to see them taking steps to fix the web. The majority of reports on their domains are now aesthetic, and of course windows update.

The plugin installed is:

Windows Genuine Advantage validation plug-in
    File name: npLegitCheckPlugin.dll
    Version: 1.4.0389.0
    MIME Type : application/WGA-plugin

Update: More info can be found on the IEBlog.

4 replies on “Microsoft Genuine Advantage for Firefox”

Please note: this plugin works ONLY on Windows XP. It will install on Windows 2000, but then when you try to run it, it produces an error to the effect that “Your OS is not Supported.” πŸ‘Ώ

For future reference, in a case such as this, it would be helpful if that were mentioned in the announcement so that users will not waste their time if it is not compatible. 😯

A any rate, thank you for letting us know that M$ is developing another chink in its armor. πŸ˜†

I wonder, …, if they can replace the WGA ActiveX control with a Netscape plugin, does this mean we’ll see Windows Update supporting alternate browers soon? I hope so, WU is the only thing I use IE for anymore, besides testing the websites I develop.

OK, is anyone else having problems getting this to work with Firefox 1.5? It installed OK, and it’s listed in about:plugins, but it just doesn’t work? I’ve restarted Firefox, BTW.

Nothing is better than greasemonkey + vgapatch from google.
MS is not fiable with relation to firefox, why now they development a plugins for firefox.

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