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Reporter Most Wanted

American Express is the number one reported website to have issues with Firefox. You can see the report here. It would be great to get this one resolved. So here’s what I need:

If anyone out there works for American Express, or knows someone who does, let them know about this blog post, and ask them to pass the message along to the Web Team.

If you happen to be someone with the capacity to make a difference, let me know. You can also leave a comment with any information you may have to offer.

Again, this is currently the #1 issue regarding website compatibility. It has a ton of reports against it, and viewing a bunch of them myself, they seen to be legitimate.

Firefox is a community effort, so here’s a chance for the community to make a difference. According to the theory of Six Degrees of Separation, it’s within our grasp. So if you can’t help, see if you can find someone who can. While your at it, if you have a connection to Kevin Bacon (your no more than 5 intermediaries away), see if you can find out if he uses Firefox [for the unaware, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a rather popular game based on the theory].

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Note bug 294201, most notably comment 33, which is from an employee at Amex. There’s a lot of useful analysis and comments in that bug, it’d be great if someone could come up with a little “how to fix your site” doc that could be sent to that person who’s volunteered to be a point of contact.

The most obnoxious Firefox issue for me is E*Trade, which I presume just needs a little bit of work to make it ok in Firefox. For now, some functionality doesn’t work and other screens’ tables are messed up. It would be nice if there was an Etrade employee willing to fix it.

This is a issue with firefox, i can confirm it, everything looks ok for a half second then all CSS breaks loose and pushes all content down the screen in a stream of blue. If you scroll down, the content is still there, just below all the blue.

Beyond the security issues that Firefox resolved, I was stunned at how much faster Firefox browser is in comparison to IE. On my machine Firefox downloads 2-3 times faster. This is an added benefit that you never hear much about with Firefox. Faster and more secure. Canโ€™t get much better than that ๐Ÿ˜

Lately, I’ve been having major memory issues with Firefox. To the tune, today, of it eating some 350mb of RAM. Not virtual memory… actual physical RAM. So… what does one do to fix this?

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