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VoIP via Asterisk

Asterisk@Home looks like it would be a lot of fun to set up. This could totally rock to have at home. I see a few great advantages:

  • Share the lines. Rather than have a phone or two per line, you can have all phones being able to access the lines. No need to go get a phone
  • Add phones everywhere. You could take advantage of WiFi to put phones even where Ethernet cables don’t reach. Take it outside, wherever.
  • Put people on hold, and have music in the background. Because you know you want to do that when a telemarketer calls you
  • Digital Receptionist would make everything about it more fun
  • Have Voicemails sent as email when your not home, never miss an important message
  • Away during the day (Work/School)? Set up a SoftPhone on your laptop or office computer.

There are so many possibilities to make phones rock.

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