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Hard Drive Fun

I got my new 100 GB Seagate 5200RPM drive Wednesday. Spent from about 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM trying to get it to work. IBM’s (normally) wonderful Product Recovery system left me with a 9 GB partition for Windows, immediately after the service partition, and a ton of wasted disk. Multiple attempts failed to work. […]

Milky Way Bar

According to scientists there is a bar in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Here’s a rendering of it: AP Photo Here’s what was already known about the topic: Mars Company All I can say is “yummy”.

Windows 2000 collectively crashes

From CNN 6:11 PM EST: — A worm shut down computers running Windows 2000 software across the United States. A preliminary article is here. Read this for starters: A computer worm shut down computer systems running the Windows 2000 operating system across the United States on Tuesday, hitting computers at CNN, ABC and The New […]

Firefox Marketshare

I enjoy this topic a bit. Please don’t take this as science, or fact. This is purely speculation and discussion about market share. The topic itself is rather complex. You can view it from the mathematical/statistical point of view, or from the business/marketing point of view. Both have a very different (yet similar) angle on […]

XULrunner vs. Dashboard

Daniel Glazman says: Forget Konfabulator, forget Dashboard, forget Tcl/Tk. XULrunner will kill them all. As usual, it’s not planned to kill them. It’ll be just a side effect of the existence of XULrunner. I agree, but with an exception. Konfabulator, and Dashboard have much better management of widgets than XULrunner appears to have (I’ve yet […]

Flying Spaghetti Monster

How the universe was created. WHY YOU SHOULD CONVERT TO FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTERISM Flimsy moral standards. Every Friday is a religious holiday. If your work/school objects to that, demand your religious beliefs are respected and threaten to call the ACLU. Our heaven is WAY better. We’ve got a Stripper Factory AND a Beer Volcano. Well, […]

Google + Apple = iGoogle

Apprantly Apple and Google are talking. I’ve got an idea what it may be like, so here’s a little peak. Speculating about the two mythical companies is always fun right :-D.

FedEx Furniture

FedEx Furniture is pretty cool. Strong furniture made out of those really strong FedEx boxes (great packages BTW as they ensure your package arrives in 1 piece. Leave it to them to get really upset about this free advertising. Typically, if your company gets good free advertising about how great your product/service is, and fans […]

Mozilla Store

The store finally reopened. The Firefox Polo and Hat look rather tempting. Now where is the Firefox underwear? But seriously, some cool stuff. The T-Shirt I have is rather nice (I think that was still the old company). Asa claims it’s a million times better. The Firefox logo is rather good looking. Perhaps Beach Towels, […]

Copyright Office Compatibility

According to the Copyright Office: At this point in the process of developing the Copyright Office’s system for online preregistration, it is not entirely clear whether the system will be compatible with web browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.1 and higher. Filers of preregistration applications will be able to employ these Internet Explorer […]