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Flying Spagetti Monster Redux

An ironic quote in this article about the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

“Clearly, these are just supreme satirists. What they are doing is pointing out that there is no more sense to intelligent design than there is to a Flying Spaghetti Monster,? Wagnon said.

That’s right. He called Flying Spaghetti Monster satire. I’m curious why he feels it’s OK to dismiss other’s belief as “satire”. One could say the same for any other belief: Creationism, Intelligent Design, Darwinism. I think it’s time people bombard him (you can get his email address there) with outrage demanding an apology for dismissing people’s beliefs as satire.

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You don’t seem to grasp the point. Simply put, we don’t want anyone’s “belief system” which is not supported by rigorous scientific evidence (ID is clearly a belief, not science) taught with our tax dollars. If you want to teach ID to your kids, send them to a private institution. Oh, and I personally don’t want dime-one of my tax dollars to be used for private education either.


Come on man, try growing a sense of humor.

Want to stop the ‘spread’ of this satire? Embrace it and laugh about it. You’re falling into their “oh so evil” clutches by even responding/acknowledging it.

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