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Away Message

Just a quick heads up that I won’t be around much the next few days (until about Thurs evening) as I’m moving back to school, and don’t have a working laptop (IBM didn’t really repair it, just said they did). Hopefully IBM will redeem themselves by providing good customer service and getting it back quick. […]

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina took part of the gulf coast and smashed it yesterday. I remember a little over a year ago in Environmental Biology watching a video about the effects of the marhes near New Orleans erroding could cause a Hurricane to have catastrophic effects. Yesterday those theories became 100% solid fact. New Orleans being below […]

Ad Free Opera

According to For one day only, you can get an ad-free version of Opera. Simply e-mail to obtain a registration code. This offer is valid from 12 a.m. Tuesday, August 30 to 12 a.m. Wednesday, August 31 2005 (PDT). Now is a great time to fire off that email, it’s a great offer […]

Reporter, the next generation

Now that I’ve basically stabilized the new reporter tool for the branch, I’ve been planning for what will come in the next version. Quite a few neat little enhancements, some small, some larger. Client Side Screenshots – you will be able to attach a screenshot when sending a report. The option will be disabled by […]

Copyright Office Compatibility Update

Macworld notes that the W3C objects to the Copyright Office Browser Compatibility plan (I mentioned this a few weeks ago). There are two particular quotes I wanted to share: While stressing that the W3C is not criticizing Internet Explorer, the W3C officials said the office would be placing limitations on users of the Mac OS, […]

Yahoo’s TV Guide Updated

Looks like Yahoo redid it’s TV guide, using some CSS. Interestingly looks like it might be a win for microformats. I’d love to know what someone like Tantek Çelik has to say about the new code. I’m no pro, but it looks like an improvement over the old system.

Flying Spagetti Monster Redux

An ironic quote in this article about the Flying Spaghetti Monster: “Clearly, these are just supreme satirists. What they are doing is pointing out that there is no more sense to intelligent design than there is to a Flying Spaghetti Monster,? Wagnon said. That’s right. He called Flying Spaghetti Monster satire. I’m curious why he […]

Baby Bell’s Nightmare: Google

According to Google: Google believes that users should have a choice in what applications they use for communication. Built to support industry standards, Google Talk enables Google users to connect to the Google Talk service and exchange IMs using any client that does the same, including Trillian, Adium, iChat, GAIM, and Psi. The company is […]

Even MORE Hard Drive fun

Still having problems with my laptop. I don’t think it’s went more than an hour without a restart in June (though to be fair I haven’t used it to much this summer either). I put my old hard drive back in, and am zeroing it again. The new hard drive did the same as the […]

This week’s pet project: organization

It seems like everybody’s doing it. This next week before school starts up again, it’s about organization. I got fed up about a month ago. Last week I started some work on it. This week I get serious. Papers need to be filed (quite a bit laying around), CD’s need some organization (I got a […]