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Konfabulator is set free

Konfabulator is now free. Windows people rejoice. I assume this is an attempt to beat Google at the API game. Anyway, this is a big win for Windows people. Konfabulator isn’t quite as cool as Apple’s Dashboard, but still pretty cool. Windows people now get a little taste of how good Mac stuff is, at no charge.

Could this partially be a resonse to Google’s interest with Firefox? Mozilla’s also a rather robust platform for taking advantage of API’s. Just a pondering.

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I still have to find why Konfabulator is cool. Ok, the widgets are nice-looking and seem easy to program. But I failed to find one _really useful_ widget in the Web site’s Widget Gallery. A digital clock? Wow. A traffic webcam? Sure, I can’t live without that on my screen. So?

I had the same impresion as Daniel when i tested Konfabulator. Looks great, cute. But I failed to find one single widget that was really useful.

Another downside was that each widget used like 10 MB ram… But hey, now that it’s free we will see cooler more useful widgets.

Windows people now get a little taste of how good Mac stuff is

Hmm, yes. My computing experience was simply not complete until now, when I can have a picture of the Mona Lisa in an ugly frame with the current CPU Usage displayed on my desktop, for the mere price of 12MB RAM.

Wake me up when there’s something decent about this software. Maybe it’s much cooler if you’re within the Macintosh Reality Distortion Field that makes everything inherently better.

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