Help Wanted: reporter cleanup and bug filing

I could use a few volunteers to do the following:

Help me clean up reporter
Everything needs a cleaning now and then. Check for reports in reporter that just don’t belong. “Microsoft Sucks” isn’t a valid report. Some are merely tests. Find them and send me the reportID’s (you can leave a comment if you wish or send an email).

Help file bugs
We have a fair number of reports already. Start sifting and file bugs in bugzilla (under Evangelism) with good valid bug reports. Be sure to mention in the bug what reports found the bug, so we can have detailed info on the setup’s that involve this bug. Also please make it block Bug 301962 so that we can keep track of bugs based on reporter data.

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RMO11183250093189, RMO11183233230381, RMO11183133930943, RMO1118310884618, RMO11182547832775 RMO11183777657929 RMO11184150368149 RMO11184317455746 RMO11185021001906 RMO11185232653089 RMO11185306560836 RMO11185324515639 RMO11186025766824 RMO11186403618111 RMO11187108685052 RMO11187747634755 RMO11188019413571 RMO11189316676016 RMO11189366906354 RMO11189786883559 RMO11190159476282 RMO11190451633966 RMO11191191871692 RMO11191737245558 RMO11191739834899 RMO11191989264888 RMO11192235598232 RMO11192244242944 RMO11192307710046 RMO11192359213289 RMO11192379970794 RMO11192514604312 RMO11192562295167 RMO11192570588048 RMO11192671709164 RMO1119278954189 RMO1119278954189 (and possibly more)

These reports are all about Microsoft denying access to the download center to some Firefox users. Seems to be fixed now.

Correction: were not deleting reports that are of issues that have been resolved. Only invalid issues. Old issues filter out based on time (we typically query in the past few months).

I suggest for the first part that you code up some quick PHP (fired by a button in the r.m.o UI) to send you an email with the ID in it. If you wanted to make it better, you could even code up an admin interface to let you dele them that way instead of having to do SQL queries to do it.

As for the second idea, ask in #bmo for a Bugzilla keyword for this; this sort of thing is what keywords were made to do. (If they won’t do it, use the status whiteboard with something like “[reporter-bug]” to do the same thing.)

are reports filed under localhost.

RMO11220720063876 RMO11221927074303 RMO11216603158304 RMO11216034029669 RMO11212192298226 RMO11210182034699 RMO11207323973672 RMO11206695654548 RMO11200021547342 RMO11199983582934 RMO11199980840394 RMO11197973102441 RMO11197971563882 RMO11194469584684
these are all test reports


This is a site-specific issue for and the report contains foul language.

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