Apple moving to x86

Apple’s moving to x86. 2 year transition. No word yet on how current ppc assembly code will work (if at all) on x86. Should be an interesting 23 months. Not sure if it will be possible to build your own mac. My bet is that Apple ROM will still be needed. This is just a CPU swap (and associated architecture). Apple’s not likely to slow down inovation to meet that of Intel’s. Apple did things like put USB and Firewire standard on all systems before it was even on their radar for full adoption.

Apple’s still pushing their Xcode IDE, and things like Cocoa, carbon. So it sounds more and more like a CPU replacement. Binaries to work on both (universal binaries). Some tweeks will be needed.

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Windows Reinstall

If I appear unavailable for most of today and tomorrow it’s because I’m reinstalling Windows on my laptop. I think it’s time to invest in an external Hard Drive, and a copy of Norton Ghost so I can just backup an image every week, and if something goes wrong, just restore from the image. Actually, I’m pretty certain that’s what I’m going to do. Just a matter of getting around to it.

I have my Mac, so I’m still online, but since my windows system is a laptop, it’s my primary system (so I can take it with me). Email, and such are typically done on there. Hence I’m a bit unorganized until it’s stable again.

So pardon the slow replies over the next day or two.


Apple x86

According to CNet News, Apple will switch to Intel Chips, with an announcement next week. It’s long been rumored that Apple has had constant x86 builds of Mac OS X going since conception. This follows a rumor a few weeks ago.

Think Secret doesn’t believe so, and sees the PPC 970 progressing. Interestingly Microsoft agreed to use it in the Xbox 360, meaning the cost of the chips would likely be lower thanks to the production increase. Not to mention speed bumps on the horizon. Seems like an odd time to jump ship.


Google Desktop Updated

Google Desktop Updated today (for me at least), now the version is: 20050513. No clue what’s new/changed.

Mozilla – Epic Saga

Well, it’s not really a secret that despite’s great success, it hasn’t been firing on all pistons. There seem to be two camps, either people amazed by the project and its success and are blind to any shortcomings, and those who are quite the opposite. I’d like to look at a few things from a business standpoint rather than a geek for a moment (since I am a Business Major). A lot of suggestions have been given, some completely baseless, some completely off the wall and impossible to accomplish, and a few that are ok.

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WordPress takes over Browse Happy Campaign

WordPress is taking over Browse Happy. The announcement is here. WordPress has been a big Firefox supporter for sometime. Hopefully we’ll see some new content soon.

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Summer of Code 2

Greg Stein left a comment yesterday about being able to submit an application to work on Mozilla for Google’s “Summer of Code” even if it isn’t listed. This morning I submitted a proposal. The basic premise is to allow me to accelerate my development of the reporter tool, including some server side changes (to help prevent abuse), and getting started (this is most likely longer term) on screenshot support, so users can submit a screenshot of the issue they have (should they choose to do so, it will be an option for obvious privacy reasons).

It sounds like a great opportunity, and a good excuse to give my Mozilla contributions greater priority.

Thanks to Greg for giving me the heads up on that.