Browser-based attacks up

An interesting article, that shows why using a better browser is an important way to keep your computer secure. Perhaps we need to tell these people to stop using IE and start using Firefox. Nudge, nudge, [elbow in the ribs].

First downloads were the big risk. Then email became the big target. Now it’s the browser. What next?

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I think we will continue to see the use of blended threats. Many recent IM worms, for example, have used browser vulnerabilities to automatically download themselves onto computers, with minimum user intervention. After many large organizations started blocking attachments, some email worms sent hyperlinks to downloadable malware, instead.

Also, if use of wireless technologies continue to increase, I would expect an increase in man-in-the-middle attacks involving rogue access points and the like.

IE7 + Longhorn seems like it’s going to be a more secure platform. They call it the “low rights IE”.

I wonder:
– whether this is going to decrease infections due to IE
– if and when will the mozilla products implement similar functionality

Microsoft said they are going to publish information on how to run low rights apps. Let’s see how this will happen in practise.

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