Reporter Tool Changes

In the past week since we initially landed reporter we’ve fixed a few regressions, nits, and made an enhancement (now capturing gecko ID). Here the bugs for those interested:

281714 Not capturing gecko ID
294543 Reporter Doesn’t get the Correct Product Name/Version
294972 Reporter’s back/next buttons behaving badly
295156 Reporter should use rel=”nofollow” to deter spammers
293254 Reporter fails to open privacy policy window on suite
294262 wizard automatically sends the report upon ‘enter’ key is…
294808 Uncheck privacy policy agreement by default
293253 Reporter’s privacy statement checkbox labeled very badly
293251 Reporter should use brand entities rather than hardcode product name

I’d appreciate some testing of new nightly builds (tomorrow). Please file any bugs you find in Bugzilla.

It is accessible from the Help menu and launches a simple wizard that lets you send us feedback about broken websites. It’s not yet a part of the default installer, but you can enable it by doing a custom installation and checking the box in the list of available additions (with DOM Inspector and Talkback.) [Ripped from Asa’s blog]

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