50 Million

As noted by Blake and Asa:


Got that? Well now it’s actually a little higher, and still growing.

Amazing. Just a year ago, nobody outside the tech community knew what Firefox or Mozilla were. Now yesterday someone recognized my Firefox TShirt. What a difference just a few months can make. Those 50 million downloads are starting to show as people are now starting to recognize the brand. We aren’t an iPod (yet), but were getting there. Just look at big Apple’s QuickTime (work with digital video, and you know it well) and it’s adoption rate. That is a good benchmark to compare against.

Checkout some of the stuff people have done over at SpreadFirefox leading up to 50 Million. Makes me think I need to get a poster. Those look pretty cool.

IMHO Benjamin Smedberg should make the list for wearing a Firefox polo shirt in some of the first pics holding his new daughter (congrats BTW). There’s dedication for spreading firefox.

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