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Fun with Todo Lists week of 10/11

Every so often it becomes necessary to make a todo list public so I actually feel motivated. Without further delay:

  • Finally write that cheesy International Business Paper (4 pages double spaced, on pretty much anything) [4/14/05]
  • Finally write that History of American Art Paper (no clue how long, more complex, and really boring)… this is long term, not this week.
  • Commit a few reporter patches (simplify UI, figure out the rest of localization/prefs)
  • Get Mozilla building on my Thinkpad… this has been the most frustrating experience ever [4/16/05]
  • Start work on a Prototype UI for my Principles of Systems Design Project… may be long term. [4/14/05]
  • Ping Asa for some icon love, and see if the last patch I’m working on will make mozPod 0.1 (yea, I’m late again). [4/14/05]
  • More work on project aquarius
  • Add Firefox counter to blog (added 4/14/2005) [4/14/05]
  • A special little project 😉 Those who know me well will be surprised I didn’t do this long ago. More info coming soon.
  • Another special little project (added 4/11/2005) [4/13/05]

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