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25,000,000 Downloads Later

Well 25 million downloads later. That’s one hell of an impressive number. And it’s a growing number. Blake just posted information on a silver collectors coin (limited edition) for those who made it possible (well the top few, there’s so many now). There’s also a sale over at the Mozilla Store. Perhaps it’s time I […]

It’s time to put up, or shut up

Ben hit it right on the head: Game on. Microsoft at this point is trying to provide security, something Mozilla already has the upper edge on. Now it’s a matter of providing a better browsing experience. I see several things coming up: Firefox is more extendable. With much less effort you can create toolbars, menu’s, […]

IE 7 coming soon

Thanks to Asa for the heads up. Apparantly IE 7 is in the works, with beta’s due this summer. Should be interesting. In other news, Firefox 1.1 due early summer. Browser Wars 2.0 round 2!

Ask Jeeves to Open Source with Mozilla?

CNet has a very interesting article here Open sourcing our desktop search is a very real project,” Lanzone said in an interview. “We’re strongly considering opening up our APIs (application programming interfaces). While we would still develop the core roadmap for it, at the same time we realize we’re not going to be able to […]

New Design 3.0beta1

The first round of changes to this blog have landed. Obviously the most prominent is the first design change in about 18 months. The design isn’t final, there are a dozen or so things that will be changing (some big, some small). There are also some more backend changes to be made, as well as […]

It’s all Coming Soon

I’ve got a bunch of things in the works: mozPod (iPod sync for Thunderbird), version 0.1 reporter tool (extension and webtool) new blog design, and new toys! a secret something? (more a long term thing) So things may be a little quiet as I wrap some stuff up, and keep up with school work. All […]

iSkin evo2 Reviewed

Got my iSkin for my iPod today. Boy is this a cool product. Some quick observations: Things that rock Very nice tight fit. Not loose at all. Fits like a perfect glove. Belt clip is extremely strange (in the way it’s attached to the case). Very clever, but unusual. Screen cover is really clear. I […]

Don’t make browsers, make extensions

There’s been a ton of speculation regarding “gbrowser”, google’s alleged browser, Netscape’s Firefox based browser, now even thoughts Yahoo might be interested. Though I wonder if that really is beneficial to anyone involved? I’m going to make the bold statement that custom browsers are bad, making extensions are good. There are several reasons why custom […]

Yahoo! and Firefox!

Yahoo released their Firefox Toolbar! As Blake also noted, I found this interesting: The support and community that continues to grow around Firefox is amazing and we’re proud to be part of it. In fact, the Yahoo! Toolbar Beta is just one of many Firefox goodies you can expect to see from us this year, […]

Extension Idea: Fun With Acronyms

Take a list of common acronyms like this, and create an extension similar to the acronym tag so that a user can put their mouse over an acronym and get the actual meaning of it. Should work for html, and plain text emails. Would be quite useful.