New Design 3.0beta1

The first round of changes to this blog have landed. Obviously the most prominent is the first design change in about 18 months.

The design isn’t final, there are a dozen or so things that will be changing (some big, some small). There are also some more backend changes to be made, as well as port over some of my old hacks. Also some new toys coming. So keep an eye out and see if you can spot some of the changes as they happen.

Oh… the “blue” thing going on is just temporary. The top part will be changing somewhat often (as often as I feel). It’s just cold out, so I felt wintery. I’m going to get that in gear at some point in the near future.

So many changes going on here as we get a bit more professional. If my old blog was “freeware”, this is the “pro” version

This is 3.0 now! and surprisingly, we’ll be approaching a 2 year anniversary sometime soon (about a month). It’s great to see how popular this thing has gotten.

Again, this is “beta 1”. Were going to have at least 1 more beta, and a few release candidates until the blog is stable like the old design. So report problems, suggestions. I’ll be making tweaks over the next few days.

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