It’s time to put up, or shut up

Ben hit it right on the head:

Game on.

Microsoft at this point is trying to provide security, something Mozilla already has the upper edge on. Now it’s a matter of providing a better browsing experience. I see several things coming up:

  • Firefox is more extendable. With much less effort you can create toolbars, menu’s, etc. and add features to the browser. A ton already exist. Great for companies who need their own customization, but don’t want to spend a lot developing them.
  • Firefox is cross platform. Thanks to Gecko working on many platforms, it makes testing interal websites quicker. IE on the Mac and PC are two completely separate beasts, sharing no more than the name. Minimize your testing my using Firefox. It supports just about any platform you may find.
  • Inovation. When was the last time you’ve seen that? Has IE inovated in the past half decade? Does it support CSS well? Does it have a proof of concept when it comes to XForms implementation? It’s vaporware until you see it.

Firefox is gearing up for a great fight. It won’t be an easy one, but many strides have been made. Firefox has a solid base and is fixing it’s weaknesses. IE doesn’t have anywhere near that.

Bottom Line
Firefox has a cult following of people that adore it. Microsoft, with it’s millions of users, doesn’t have that many fans. Firefox with only a few million (in comparison) has tons of people volunteering to spread the word. I personally think that says a lot. IE doesn’t have fans. Only obligated users, or users who don’t know much about their browser. Firefox was chosen by almost 25 Million users. That says something very loud.

Oh boy are times getting interesting. Game On!

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