Extension Idea: Fun With Acronyms

Take a list of common acronyms like this, and create an extension similar to the acronym tag so that a user can put their mouse over an acronym and get the actual meaning of it.

Should work for HTML, and plain text emails.

Would be quite useful.

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This sounds like the popup definitions that appeared in the older versions of Microsoft Help (not the HTML version that puts the definitions inline – ick). An acronym or other jargon would get a little green dotted underline, and upon clicking the word, a yellow, multiline box would show up that contained the definition. It was a borderless, non-modal window that could contain similarly underlined words, which could in turn launch more definition windows.

It sounds like this could be implemented using xul:popup, but if that doesn’t work, we could implement a borderless, non-modal window instead – I’ve seen such windows in XUL applications already.

I started a thread about this at the mozillaZine Forums long ago, but the discussion never really went anywhere.

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