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The Gates

Took an Art History trip to visit The Gates (Wikipedia Link), and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course I snapped some Camera Phone pictures. Note I was walking the entire time, so these were all made while walking on ice. When visiting the gates, if you ask one of the “Pole People” (the people […]

Firefox 1.0.1 Out

If your not updated yet, get downloading! Mainly security/stability fixes. Nothing really “new”. But it’s still important to upgrade.

DevEdge Saved!

Everyone should give Mitchell a giant thank you for all the hard work in securing this. I can’t wait to check out what’s going on!

Snow Day?

Well, got up, checked my email, hit the shower, had breakfast, and went to class: World Lit 2/24 Canceled: Enjoy the Snow Well thanks for the Email! Oh well…. on my way back I snapped a few pictures of the snow (from the Camera Phone). Edit: 2:30 pics posted. Last one is a cheap rip […]

February Snowstorm

Just a snowstorm at Rowan University campus, taking pictures with an LG vx6000 between classes.

Firefox hits Yahoo Again

I’ve mentioned this before. Firefox again is on the homepage. Now celebrating the 25 Million Milestone. That’s some good press. Yahoo gets a lot of hits. And that title just yells out “Lots of people are checking out Firefox… have you?” Don’t just take back the web. Take it back with a loud voice! Congrats […]

Coding with Timezones

I’ve got a bit of a complex question here for all you professional web developers: Environment Website targeting international users in all 24 timezones. Website based in US. Problem Summary How do you handle timezones correctly? What is the best strategy? Problem Expanded The particular problem I see is Daylight savings. I’ve seen several sites […]

Quiet Time.. pictures coming

Slightly quiet over the past few days. Several things going on. First of all school is busy (lots of work and studying). Then I’ve been hacking away at several projects. Lots of fun there. Not to mention some TV time, and just relaxing. Everyone needs some of that. I’ll be checking out the “The Gates” […]

USS Jimmy Carter codenamed Richard Nixon?

Well, we all know trans-atlantic data isn’t exactly secure. But now we know the USS Jimmy Carter can be used to intercept data along those under water cables. The new submarine can provide another gated level of security for the intelligence community. Why they didn’t name it the USS Richard Nixon? I’m not really sure. […]

YASN (Yet Another Socal Network): YUB

There’s yet another social network (like friendster, orkut, the facebook). Yub is backed by, Target, and Apple iTunes which gives you “points” for what you buy, or persuade others to buy. You can write reviews, and if someone buys through your review, you get 1% of the product’s price in points. Which are redeemable […]