Speakeasy distributing customized Firefox

Speakeasy is now offering a customized version of Firefox. One can assume it’s branded, and contains some bookmarks, and links of Speakeasy nature. Of particular interest was this quote:

Mozilla Firefox: Speakeasy Edition has been customized to work best with a Speakeasy broadband connection, taking just a few seconds to download. The simple installation process quickly imports all current browser favorites, passwords and other settings. In addition to POP-up blocking, tabbed browsing, increased privacy and security, embedded Google search and smoother file downloading to the computer desktop, the Speakeasy Edition of Firefox offers specialized options including select bookmarks and a custom look and feel.

In 2005, Speakeasy will add more features to its edition of the browser to enhance Speakeasy services for their customers including Voice-Over IP, business utility and network performance.

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