I’m now spam free

I installed hashcash on this blog the other day. I’m well over 24 hours spam free. I disabled all other methods of spam prevention. It’s been flawless.

If anyone has trouble commenting, please contact me.

Update: Having some problems. Turned off for now, all commenting should work, even if it’s long and has several links.
Update(2): Trying again.

1 reply on “I’m now spam free”

Hey Robert, can you provide a link for Hardcash? Google didn’t turn up anything useful. I just installed Spam Karma (nice description here) and haven’t gotten any comment spam, but then again I haven’t gotten any comment spam for weeks, ever since I did a little rename trick (don’t remember original source) I found that renames the regular comments posting page (I think that’s what changed it, I installed a bunch of antispam but disabled a few, especially after some false positives).

Also have you seen the Live Preview plugin? I just set it up myself and it’s pretty nice.

Plus I set up Post Teaser (authors blog entry here), which, although the auto-truncating feature is nice, I like because of the word-count and reading-time-estimation features. I even modified it myself to take in to account usage of a manually-added “more” tag in some posts (I just sent my changes to the original author and he’ll probably put it in the next version).

That and I added Last/Home/Next links to each entry’s view page, just like you used to have (probably because it came default with MT if I remember correctly, right? I’m not familar with MT really, just remember you having those links). Simple code online that just uses built-in WordPress functions.

Thanks for turning me on to WordPress BTW! It’s pretty cool, even if it is written in PHP 🙂

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