2005 Year of the PIM

2004 was without question the year of the browser. A year ago, for many people IE was the only browser they knew of. Now with tons of mainstream press, it’s becoming all too common to see Firefox everywhere. Even before 1.0 there were amazing, glowing reviews. Now with 1.0 out, the press is becoming hard to track. It used to take me a few seconds each day to round up all the Mozilla press and read. Now it’s becoming a tougher task. It’s quite a bit of reading. Next year, this growth needs (and I believe will) continue to grow. But it’s time to open up a second front in the war to take back the web.

The PIM is the heart and sole of the modern man. It organizes, tracks, coordinates, and communicates for the user. It’s no longer something for an executive, but even a humble college student. Our lives are busy, and they are only getting busier. 2005 is the year of the PIM.

Thunderbird is the core of the PIM, and already looking great. It’s a solid email client that keeps the spam out. It’s great at organizing, sorting, sifting through email. It’s quick and reliable. What we need is to get Sunbird up to speed and included. Things such as invites to meetings (outlook style), synchronization with popular products (Palm, Windows PDA’s, etc.) are still needed. Not to mention Thunderbird needs somewhat of an Address Book Overhaul. There’s quite a bit of work that needs to be done, but there’s quite a solid foundation already. Sunbird, while very quiet and low key is actually a pretty impressive. It’s just lacking polish and integration.

I think it’s time for people to start looking at PIM’s a bit more seriously. There is a giant desire for the perfect PIM, and really not many competitors. Most businesses use Outlook, which itself isn’t the greatest product. But there isn’t much competition. Personal use is even worse. I think it’s time for Thunderbird to pair up with Sunbird and help people take back their lives.

2005 is the year of the PIM. It’s a big market, and it’s about time we take it.

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What I really appreciate is the integration of Apple Mail and iCal, despite Apple mail having different features than Thunderbird (Thunderbird has some features that Apple Mail hasn’t and vice versa). Sunbird could bridge the gap to the Windows/Linux world as it uses Apple’s calendar format. The interplay of Apple’s and Mozilla’s applications could gain market share from Outlook.

A great advantage would be the integration of Sunbird and Thunderbird with Apple’s iCal (meaning that I can use Thunderbird with iCal), address book (Tunderbird using mac address book — bug 218145) and Sunbird with Apple Mail and iCal (for those who want to stick with Apple Mail).

The next thing would be iSync plugins for Mozilla applications that resolve the sinchronization issues on the mac.

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