Geeky Romance Novel

Well Slashdot’s latest poll asks what your least read was… well I don’t know, but I think it would be fun if we had a tech romance novel, something for us geeks to read, just like women like those romance novels. So print out this blog post, put on something comfortable… awe heck just read, and don’t tell me what you were doing to your body while reading it, I really don’t need the details. This is pretty much a rip from those many hours coding while watching Comedy Central. Watch enough SNL, and various standup and you may even pick out parts.

Exception: if your an attractive female, feel free to send pics 😉

Slightly mature, though subtle, use your discression.

As the router started to undress from its packaging it was clear that it was a beauty. As the static-proof plastic slowly peeled away it was clear that this was one hot router. From its gleaming status indicators, to its firm casing, this was a goddess of a router. All that remained was a thin plastic film covering a few places, just a quick peel and it was that router was in the buff.

As he inserts the Ethernet cable into the uplink port he began to feel some resistance from the brand new unused router. It’s never had an ethernet cable inside of it… but that was all going to change. After a moment or two he carefully pushed it all in. You could hear the snap as the two formed one for the first time.

After a brief initialization period, the router was fired up, as if it was very used to having an ethernet cable inside of it. They then entered duplex mode, both thrusting data back and forth in full duplex. It was magical as data moved back forth, back and forth, both feeling the magic of the transfer of information. And then all of a sudden the network felt a buildup of bandwidth, increasing and increasing until it couldn’t hold back. In a few quick pulses several Mbps of data were pouring into the router… it then quieted down as they completed the transfer and waited for a reply. The router was filled with hot steaming data…

The router enjoyed this first experience, what would be the first of many longs nights. The router still had open ports, and there were a bunch of Ethernet cables in the datacenter. It was going to be one exciting evening…

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