MozSource Support Launched {beta}

MozSource launched beta tech support via email. They claim that all questions will be answered within 48hrs. This is a beta, and only $4.99 per incident. A few notes on how this can potentially benefit Firefox growth:

Great for consumers

$4.99 is pretty fair for tech support, assuming that the quality is good. It’s definitely competitive. This will make people who are a bit concerned about switching but heard good about Firefox feel better. It’s reassuring to know that for under $5.00, you can get help. That’s comforting.


Here’s where I think the offering is a little weak, I see a few things that would need to change:


Rather than per incident, the ability to do it by contract, either in bulk (say 500 incidents), or yearly based on the amount of installs. Most companies hate to depoy software without support there, no questions asked. Things like a contract that say your guaranteed a year of support give the warm and fuzzies. I know in the past this has been the main argument against open source software “who supports it?” Companies want someone like MozSource, but they want them on a speed dial.


Express service. Corporate isn’t willing to wait 48 hours, they will want something more like ‘priority support’. i.e. no more than 1 business day. When a company relies on Firefox or Thunderbird, they can’t wait 48hrs to know how to fix it. They want to know quickly.

I’d be curious to see how anyone finds their service. If you do use them, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

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I doubt that this will fly, the page with credit card info does not use https, while claiming the page is secure, the nightly does not think so, mails to : bounce.

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