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Word Press 1.5 A first look

I decided I needed some geeky play time this evening, so I downloaded the latest cvs build of WordPress (yes they skipped numbers) and ran it in a dev environment, just for me to look, poke, and play. I’m floored. A rundown of what I see/like: Themes – Makes sense, needed to happen. I love […]

$350 Mil in Aid

About freaking time. It’s depressing it took so long. Amazing how bias some of the media has been. $350 is the largest donation so far cash wise, but quite a few nations have cleared the effected countries debt’s away. That means the money those countries would have to pay can now be used for rebuilding. […]

A plan for worms?

According to Slashdot, a new variant of the Sanity worm is out, except this one patches to prevent it. Even good hacking isn’t a good thing. It’s still illegal and shouldn’t be done. But government agencies should really start looking into such a thing. It’s obviously possible. There’s enough exploits in most software that a […]

Online Memorials, Fundraising

In the wake of this weeks events, I decided to spend several minutes browsing the home pages of the world’s largest companies, just to see how many made an alteration either as a memorial or to raise funds for disaster relief… I easily hit all the big brands here in the US, odds are I […]

A music legend is gone

Eddie Layton passed away. It was strange seeing someone else on the big screen at Yankee Stadium. He definitely had something to do with the overall feel of the ballpark.

Speaking of doomsday…

Just read this interesting article on CNN regarding the Quake from the other day. “It causes the planet to wobble a little bit, but it’s not going to turn Earth upside down” Now if that doesn’t just send a chill down your spine… nothing will. The power of mother nature is just beyond comprehension. Every […]

April 13, 2029: A friday 13th to remember

Yikes, that’s about all I can say about this. I’m curious if Bush will be finding a way to claim this is Saddam’s work. I suspect this somehow will be linked to terrorism.

Merry Christmas


Reporter Status Update

Well, they aren’t done yet, but I thought I’d share some new reporter screenshots. As you can see quite a few refinements. Still a little rough, but I think it illustrates how simple the process is. There’s some obvious UI uglies still in there. It can take well under 30 seconds to submit a report. […]

Happy Festivus!

A Festivus for the Rest of Us At least some people are in the holiday spirit. I’m celebrating this year (minus the pole I have yet to get). Here’s how it works: Festivus Pole – tall, metal heavy, most often aluminum (fence post for a chain link fence makes a great Festivus Pole). This is […]