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“Right before the tinderboxen go up in flames”

Best Quote I’ve read in the Mozilla community for some time: Famous Last Words OK, I have landed one half of the Aviary Branch. (the browser half). This may cause some difficulty and problems with the build/nightly build machines. I swear it all built on my machine. I am going to proceed with merging the […]

NY Times Ad

I originally heard it was looking like sometime towards the end of November… Anyone know when it’s set to happen? Has it been set?

School is a pain in the butt

The picture here represents how school is treating me lately, and the reason I’m so behind on stuff I’ve been wanting to do. As you can see, I’m represented in the picture, so is school, and you, my faithful reader are also shown, merely watching on as school treats me to some “learning”. School is […]

w.bloggar 4.0, now with Gecko

w.bloggar 4.0 RC2 is out, my favorite Windows blogging tool. So much simpler than using the web interfaces for small posts. Some great new things: WordPress support Multiple Categories Support XHTML friendly tags (option) Edit Templates “More” Feature has it’s own Tab The sweetest feature is using Adam Lock’s Mozilla ActiveX Control… still to come. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a safe, fun, and filling Thanksgiving!

Microsoft Supports Firefox

The Associated Press just plain rocks. The image from Yahoo (link will brake over time as usual) has this great text under it: This photo provided by Microsoft shows Their search tool and the preference rankings that can be defined by the user. (AP Photo/HO/Microsoft) [Source: Yahoo! @ 11/192004 5:20PM EST] Just wonderful to see […]

Thunderbird Address Book 2.0

I’ve discussed this a bit before, but I thought I’d take a deeper look into what the Address Book needs to “kick ass”. More than just 2 Email fields. 2 initially appear on the form, but a button to add more. I’ve got a few people who I have a work, and more than 1 […]

Write File

Can anyone tell me why this code doesn’t work in Thunderbird 0.9 (I haven’t tried Firefox 1.0). Note: There is a slash in the directory path C:, for some reason wordpress is fudging it up. MovableType did this crud too. So it’s not showing, but it’s there in the code. function sync() { testFileOutputStream("C:\foo.txt", "la […]

Quick Stats

Just thought this would be interesting to some… here are some quick stats on this blog: 534 Posts 1126 Comments 561 Comment Posters 9 Links 80,248 Words Not quite 2 years… but it’s pretty cool to see so many people reading! I’ve got some big things coming up soon. I’ve been working hard for a […]

Got my iPod

Got my 40GB iPod today… very cool. I <3 the Apple store 😀 I could spend days weeks there and not get bored. I’ve got some geeky ideas on making it even cooler… you’ll hopefully see soon 😉 Very cool. I’m psyched to get going, I just have some other things to take care of […]