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Steve Ballmer is nothing more than a bumbling moron

This just proves that Steve Ballmer is incompetent. “PCs are not selling to the lower end of the population in China and India. People buying machines there are relatively affluent. So…should the prices be lower? Not really. Until government and situational factors reduce piracy…those affluent people cannot pay, so they don’t pay,” [Source: ZDNet ] […]

New York Times Ad for Firefox

That’s right. Want your name in the Firefox ad? In the New York Times? Well, it can happen. Donate $30 ($10 for students), and you’ll have your name in the ad! It’s that simple. Signup through my link, and you can put me on my way towards being a “Community Champion” You know you want […]

XUL Web Services Sample

Anyone have a sample of a simple XUL form (perhaps 2 fields, either a textbox, or pulldown, or something) submitting to an app via web services? It’s lacking in documentation (grumbles and looks towards developers). Note: I’m not looking for third party javascript web service implementations. As Mozilla native as possible. Thanks in advance.

Man am I tired

Off to bed… yea, not much of a blog post eh? well to bad ;-). More perhaps tomorrow sometime.

Google Desktop Search out

Google’s Desktop Search is out (beta). It seems pretty interesting, but I’ve got a few complaints and grevences so far: No Firefox and Thunderbird Support. They know this. Let them know you want it (perhaps that would be a good SFX campaign). It looks like they prevent you from distributing a Google Search Plugin for […]

NVU 0.50 Released

NVU 0.50 has been released by Daniel Glazman. Awesome new build. Some cool new features. Spell Checking is my favorite (and hope to see it in Thunderbird soon). My real pet pieve is this: Spell checking invokes to early. It should invoke when you press space, or return, not when your still on the word. […]

R.I.P. Superman

First Superman couldn’t walk. Now he’s not even alive. What is the world coming to when the superhero isn’t invinsible? Perhaps someday they will find the cure. R.I.P Superman.

Project Aquarius, once again in motion

I decided to take some time today, and start workng on Project Aquarius, a secretive project I’ve been workng on for a few months (though not often within those months). Lots of progress! So I’m thrilled. Cleaned tons of old templates out Tons of optimization Quite a few bug fixes Front-end work Lots of stylesheeting […] down, and I’m lost is nice, but I’m a Blogupdates fan myself. Seems a hardware problem has down. I’m lost without it. Just shows how essential blogs are to Mozilla communications and ideas these days.

Where is all my time?

I’ve been keeping rather busy these past few weeks: School, – 18 credit course load is keeping me occupied. r.m.o – Trying to get the r.m.o project to a point where it can be usable. Coming along well, but not quite where I want it, at least yet. Project Aquarius – I’m still working on […]