Google Desktop Search out

Google’s Desktop Search is out (beta). It seems pretty interesting, but I’ve got a few complaints and grevences so far:

  • No Firefox and Thunderbird Support. They know this. Let them know you want it (perhaps that would be a good SFX campaign).
  • It looks like they prevent you from distributing a Google Search Plugin for Firefox. Look how the URL itself is structured: See, the s parameter. Thanks google.
  • No ability to exempt certain directories on your hard drive from being indexed. So it’s all or nothing.
  • No ability to delete certain items from the index. Say I have a conversation over AIM I don’t want indexed for privacy/security issues, that’s not to say I don’t want any of them indexed.

Among the many other things.

Yea, it’s a preview. I like the idea, but google’s got a lot of refining to do if they want to convince me it’s worth it. To me, I see lots of room for improvement.

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4 Responses to “Google Desktop Search out”

  1. Manuzhai says:

    From this post [1], there does seem to be a way to exempt certain directories from being indexed.


  2. Lloyd Cotten says:

    How is it that Google Desktop does not support firefox? It seems to work fine for me.

    – Lloyd

  3. Pat McDonald says:

    We built Gmail search and the new Desktop search into our firefox toolbar. As you mentioned, it was a bit of a pain to build the desktop search because of the URL structure.

    If you haven’t uninstalled it yet, any chance of giving the firefox toolbar a test for me?


  4. Danny Dawson says:

    I also make a quick Mycroft plugin. It’s the same sort of idea, without all the extra functions of the toolbar:

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