Mozilla under Control

Jed Brown notes the owner of is turning the domain over to the Mozilla Foundation.

Awesome. This is a big win for the Marketing effort. Big Big Win!

should be just in time for Firefox 1.0.


Mozilla in KDE

This sounds really cool. I’d love for the chance to see it in action. Konqueror has a pretty nice light UI (it would feel awkward on anything but KDE, but for KDE it feels great). I’d love to give it a spin.

Personally I wish KDE would work a bit closer with Together with Opera, they make up the only chance against Microsoft the internet has. Not that Konqueror is a bad browser, but it’s not nearly up to snuff with support as Mozilla has (hence the reason why this is so cool). IMHO if they worked together on an engine,

It’s my understanding they also have MNG and SVG support. If these teams merged, to form 1 great rendering engine, it would really benefit both camps.

Would be nice if Apple hopped on the Gecko train as well.

Note: It’s still good that Apple and KDE are working on a standards compliant browser, I’m not insulting KHTML at all. My point is that they are working parallel, rather than in close union with the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla had years of major funding by Netscape to allow it to become as robust and powerful as it is. If they utilize what’s there, and put their heads together, we would progress much quicker.

Just my humble opinion.

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Reason speaks: It’s coming together

After some insanity, and some resistance, finally some reason. The two biggest mistakes have been avoided. Not only that, they come back better than ever.

And who says design through committee doesn’t work? This was a whole community debate, and in the end we got better than if either side “won”. Improved Style Sheet Switcher.

1.0 PR1 Candidates should be backing soon.

Jesse Ruderman as usual has a great list of change on his Bigger Picture page. Awesome resource for everyone, hard to beat the work that went into that list.


After Asa and djst started I couldn’t resist

After Asa, and djst started redesigning the toolbar, it got me thinking. What would be the best config for the general user? So I got playing, and here’s what I came up with:

Option 1

Toolbar 1

This is more compact, and better (IMHO) for larger displays at higher resolutions. There icons are selected and positioned based partially on IE parity, as well as a few are placed to introduce Firefox Advantages (new tab). Secondly they are spaced and catagorized appropriately (core navigation features, url bar, quick search, browser accessory features).

Option 2

Toolbar 2

This is even more of a feature parity, and keeps the same concept. The big ‘advantage’ here is that the URL is more visible on smaller displays. Not sure if that long is needed. Most end users will only enter domains, not long url’s, so having that much space is mostly irrelevant.

The one button that would be cool to have with either is a second bookmark button to add the current page as a bookmark. That way even such a feature as bookmarking is visually represented easily in the interface.

Ideally I see three goals:

  • Parity, reduce the learning curve for potential new users.
  • Optimize screen real-estate. As much page space as possible. Minimize clutter.
  • Make common features, and our ‘best parts’ visible. Such as the go button, quick search, as well as tabs (it’s a big feature).

End users aren’t learning key commands. That’s why they like GUI’s. So things like tabs become much more accessible as a button than as a menu option in the file menu. That’s obscure, and users don’t see it. But as a button it’s easily accessible.

Comments welcome.


Genesis crashes

NASA is reporting that the Genesis capsule’s parachute didn’t open as planned, resulting in it tumbling to the ground and impacting at what FoxNews is reporting on TV as 100 MPH. Probable damage, but no word on the status of the payload (about the size of a few grains of salt). NASA does have video of the decent (helicopters were present as they were supposed to snag it), showing it tumbling and spinning. Some eerie pictures are being shown now. Amazing how red the dirt it landed in looks. It’s like a Martian impact.



I’ve got empty walls

Take a look a these pics. I’ve got some empty walls. Here’s an idea. Perhaps a new product for the Mozilla Foundation should be posters? Would be nice to cover up some of this white.

Last year I got lazy and didn’t put anything but a few labels from bottled water on my walls πŸ˜€ . Perhaps this year I shall.

But it’s a decent idea. Would be cool to have Mozilla Posters. The Lizard is pretty cool looking. So is Firefox and Thunderbird. Could look awesome above my desk.


I’ve got photos

I’m going to try and start remembering to take photo’s with my cell phone when I see something cool. I’m so not used to having a camera on me, so it will take some adjustment.

I did happen to take a few photo’s in either July or August on the train. Tell me, which ride looks more relaxing after work?

From now on, I’ll try to remember. It could be fun.


This is why we need Hubble

Take a look at this beautiful picture of a Supernova as taken by the Hubble Telescope. Just amazing.

Stuff like this makes me realize how I need to take my old telescope out of the basement on a clear night. Just so much effort to take out… but lots of fun.

Google Mozilla

Gmail invites

I’ve got Gmail invites still. Priority goes to Mozilla community members. If I’ve seen your name around, you’ve got a higher chance. So post a comment here with your name and email address (no anti-spam garbage, or I’m skipping it, the blog will do some minor obscuring).

Even higher priority goes for those who join through my referal link, and complete an offer. πŸ˜‰ Still trying to find out if it’s the real deal. Try AOL for 30 days (hey, they did give Mozilla Foundation $2 million). There several other easy little offers. Then cancel during the free trial to avoid having to pay for the service if you don’t like it. Use the same address to signup, so I know who you are.

So if you don’t have a Gmail address yet, this is an easy way to get it. Priority offer is as follows:

  • signups who complete an offer (use an ‘instant offer’ for even quicker gratification).
  • Mozilla community members.

Do both and increase your chances.

If I get more invites, I’ll just attack this list for a little bit, before making a new post with a new contest for gmail invites.

So go ahead and get busy.


Thunderbird needs a bug day

Asa’s been great at hosting bug day’s to clean up the bugzilla database a bit, making it accurate, and effective for developers to use. But I think it’s time to expand to Thunderbird/MailNews. Perhaps a 2nd day? Or perhaps integrate it into the effort. Either way, Thunderbird’s being a bit to neglected. Looking at the Rumbling Edge it becomes quite apparent some work is needed. Some of these bugs are ancient, and have been fixed (but not marked as fixed). Some are just useless, since nobody can reproduce the bug, and the reporter is MIA. In any regard, it’s a giant mess. I’d guess 15% of all MailNews and Thunderbird bugs are either dups, WFM, or Invalid.

So… what about a Thunderbird Bug Day?