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Well there’s a new article out in The New Zealand Herald about MoFo’s very own Ben Goodger.


Apple a Phone Service

Business Week’s Alex Salkever has an interesting article about Apple creating it’s own Skype like system. I’ve talked briefly about Skype before. I’m a huge fan. It’s a solid product. But Apple should take it to the next level. Allow me explain:

Ideally, for anything to become a good communication standard, it must be a standard. Skype is proprietary. While free, it’s not something that will be ported to a billion obscure systems anytime soon. There is also no guarantee it will stay free. We can only hope and trust. We need a standard. Something that can never be taken away. Apple, is an Open Source company these days. Look at how much open source is under the hood of Mac OS X. Clearly standards are a part of Apple’s future. Apple also has a history with communications (AppleTalk, iChat, Rendezvous). Apple has lots of experience with rich media (QuickTime), as well as streaming rich media. Apple is the perfect company for the task.

What’s needed?

An open platform for voice communications that meets the following requirements:

  • Secure
  • P2P
  • Needs to be a Standard
  • Needs to be built on standards (TCP/IP, etc. etc)
  • Nothing proprietary in the protocol
  • Someone with an eye for how to do things “right”
  • Directory Mechanism
  • Method to prevent abuse (spam)

Now if Apple created some protocol with a few partners (Motorola, of a PPC relationship also has a stake in communications) create a standard, it’s got a good shot at taking off. A great place to integrate Rendezvous. Or a similar technology perhaps based upon it.

Advantages for Apple

  1. A vast new communications feature for Mac OS X/iChat. This could serve as the core, as they add features for their release. Able to use what’s contributed by other companies/individuals.
  2. Gain a reputation of not just being a hardware company, but a standards company
  3. The “digital hub” concept so far is pretty encompassing but to date, everyone forgets about the most common electronic device: the telephone
  4. A system that will connect to much more than just Mac users. Any OS where someone wants to support it.

Apple was afraid of being left behind with the Internet, after Microsoft got fussy, so they created and Safari, to ensure Mac users always had the Internet (despite Firefox rocking on the Mac). Guess what the next big Application is? That’s right.

But Apple is a Hardware company

True, but there are still advantages. Besides for the fact that the OS is crucial to make a computer worth anything, did you think how much Phones can be worth? That’s right. Who is to say Apple or another company can’t make a landline phone that uses WiFi and/or Ethernet to plug right into the net? No more phone bills. Just use our sleek phone. Using iSync, it keeps in touch with your Address Book on your Mac, so your address book is on every iPhone in your home. It can go anywhere via WiFi using Airport. Use an Airport Express to extend the range so you can be in the backyard with your cordless phone. Does anyone see how much hardware software integration there is here?

This is a market ripe for Apple to pick. Not to mention Apple already has the perfect domain for to host the project:


Freeipods Pt 6: Sent to vendor

Another Step:

Sent to Vendor, Waiting On Product

Now time will tell…

This has been another report from the news network you trust: Me.

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Freeipods Pt 5: processing

Status Update


Exerpt 2 (detail):

So that’s where we are. More updates as they come on the news network you [really, somewhat] trust.

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Freeipods Pt 4: And the website now says I’m “approved”

And the website now reads:

Your Status:  Congratulations!  We have approved your account and referrals.  You may now order your totally FREE iPod

24hrs after the last referral was complete.

More updates as the take place, on the news network you prefer: Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage.

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IT and Business

I decided to become a Business Management Information Systems (MIS) major, with a Computer Science minor, to the surprise of many a few years ago. Seems like I’m the smart guy after all.

That article made me feel pretty good.

In The News

Batman’s a Terrorist now

Wow. Now George Clooney must be thrilled that there’s someone else who looks more pathetic than him in the uniform.

How pathetic…. yet hysterical.


Firefox 1.0PR

Due out tomorrow morning…

Get Firefox!

Get downloading. Get testing. Make it happen. 1.0 final isn’t far away.


Freeipods Pt 3: Referrals Complete

Congratulations! You have currently completed all requirements to get your totally FREE iPod. We now need to confirm your account and referral offer completions. Please check back after 7 business days to see your status.

Source: 9/13/2004]

So they claim. Now we shall see what happens. 29 people signed up, 5 people completed an offer. Hence I completed my requirements.

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting updates as they happen.

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Mozilla Staff Meetings

It seems mozillazine has gotten lazy and stopped posting those ever so essential meeting summaries Gerv is so great at preparing.