We need to start running

We need to take this, and get working. ASAP. Lets take a quick look at this:

Most companies are still using Windows 2000. The cost of upgrading hundreds, or thousands of workstations is astronomical. Not to mention testing (and potentially upgrading) other internal software to be compatible with it, and possible hardware swaps. Windows 2000 proved pretty stable for companies (that never used a Mac), so they stayed. Why pay for XP, and go through the effort, when there’s no advantage?

Most XP features are already done through third party software, such as Timbuktu. There’s no advantages in XP for them.

So now that there’s no new security updates for Windows 2000, what should a company do?

I think now is the time to make it clear to companies. We need to make this a big priority. IMHO the following would be a good idea:

  • Section on dedicated to corporate use.
  • Create a .msi of 1.0 for easy deployment (even if it’s manually created for now until such a feature can be automated).
  • Literature. We need PDF’s, and lots of stuff to persuade. Something an IT professional can print out and send around the office with ease. Something a CIO can read on the train while going home from work. Professional white-papers.
  • Case Studies

This effort can double for the education market.

Remember: Many credit Netscape’s success to it being adopted in the office. Then when the office switched to IE, people decided to do the same at home (“the IT guys know what’s best about computers”).

If we want the market, we need to meet the market’s needs. We have a kickass product now. The next step is to show them why our product kicks ass, and how it meets all needs.

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