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Googlefox Pt 2

I mentioned it the other day.

Bug 226572 is now under lock and key.

Oh what could it be?

Could it be Google’s dropping the blue ‘e’?

Could it be Google’s helping to dump IE to the bottom of the deep blue sea?

Could it be Google to the rescue?

Could it be Google? God Bless You!

3 replies on “Googlefox Pt 2”

I reported that ‘bug’ which is now confidential, as I’m the reporter I can still see the bug. It was simply a bug assigned to the marketing component formally suggesting that the foundation approach Google to suggest a Google browser – I based this request on various ideas I seen on other people blogs.

It was marked duplicate of another bug that was marked confidential – as I didn’t report that one I can’t see the contents.

So I’ve known about this speculation as soon as my bug was duped against a confidential one.

I avoided telling the world because it must have been marked confidential for a reason. I assume Google wanted to surprise MS with this and hit them unawares. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that now, but I’m still looking forward to this release and it’s sure to be a great boost for Gecko marketshare whether or not it offers much more over plain Firefox.

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