Mozilla in KDE

This sounds really cool. I’d love for the chance to see it in action. Konqueror has a pretty nice light UI (it would feel awkward on anything but KDE, but for KDE it feels great). I’d love to give it a spin.

Personally I wish KDE would work a bit closer with Together with Opera, they make up the only chance against Microsoft the internet has. Not that Konqueror is a bad browser, but it’s not nearly up to snuff with support as Mozilla has (hence the reason why this is so cool). IMHO if they worked together on an engine,

It’s my understanding they also have MNG and SVG support. If these teams merged, to form 1 great rendering engine, it would really benefit both camps.

Would be nice if Apple hopped on the Gecko train as well.

Note: It’s still good that Apple and KDE are working on a standards compliant browser, I’m not insulting KHTML at all. My point is that they are working parallel, rather than in close union with the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla had years of major funding by Netscape to allow it to become as robust and powerful as it is. If they utilize what’s there, and put their heads together, we would progress much quicker.

Just my humble opinion.

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