Thunderbird needs a bug day

Asa’s been great at hosting bug day’s to clean up the bugzilla database a bit, making it accurate, and effective for developers to use. But I think it’s time to expand to Thunderbird/MailNews. Perhaps a 2nd day? Or perhaps integrate it into the effort. Either way, Thunderbird’s being a bit to neglected. Looking at the Rumbling Edge it becomes quite apparent some work is needed. Some of these bugs are ancient, and have been fixed (but not marked as fixed). Some are just useless, since nobody can reproduce the bug, and the reporter is MIA. In any regard, it’s a giant mess. I’d guess 15% of all MailNews and Thunderbird bugs are either dups, WFM, or Invalid.

So… what about a Thunderbird Bug Day?

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Just name a big mozilla component where the situation is different (the only thing that I know is brendans bug list)

thunderbird bugday
Robert suggested that thunderbird needs a bug day. He’s right. This Tuesday, I’ll return for another BugDay (I’ve been absent the last few weeks) to focus on Thunderbird bug triage and cleanup. If you’d like to help make Thunderbird better, join us for…

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