Trolls and Bugzilla

Times like these, I wish I had the appropriate permissions on my bugzilla account to terminate an account. No Asa, you are not a “Hitler” nor a “cancer”.

In all honesty, from Bug Days on IRC, to setting up the new r.m.o system, Asa’s been great to work with. He’s really the easiest person in the Mozilla Foundation to get in touch with. A regular blogger also, to keep us all informed about what’s going on.

/me thinks it’s time for Bugzilla to have an email address on the bottom of every page to make it easy to report abusive posts, like many forums do. I suspect this will only happen more frequently as more end users attempt to use Bugzilla for support, or to complain, rather than as a bug tracking/project management (since it does do that) product.

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