Netscape 7.2 is out

What a funny release from the grave.

Check out how they are promoting it (with a detour from the homepage):

Thinking of Switching Browsers?
Download the NEW Netscape® 7.2 browser (built with Mozilla) to take advantage of the latest security and popup blocking features and enjoy the best from

  • FREE
  • Keeps your current bookmarks & browser settings
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Enhanced security
  • More powerful popup blocking

Plus: “Tabbed” Browsing, which lets you have multiple Web sites open in ONE browser window. End desktop clutter!
Get the fastest Netscape browser. Download today!

That’s right. No longer is Mozilla being talked about as ‘the open source foundation of Netscape’, or ‘netscape without the AOL crap’!

That’s just awesome.

It’s based on Mozilla 1.7. So check it out.

On another note, looks like someone just flicked the switch to make the auto-updater alert me of “Firefox 1.0 Preview Release”, though M.O isn’t updated yet.

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