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Why Does CSS have to suck

[rant] I’m going out on an edge here to say this, knowing a few people will bite my head off for even suggesting this. But I must ask: Why does CSS have to suck? At what point did the CSS WG come up with that decision? Ok, now let me explain where this is coming […]

Banned books

Some things are just sick. The list of banned books is one of them. Lets take a little look at a few shall we? 5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Ok, who are we kidding here? I’ve had to read this one dozens of times growing up. 6. Of Mice and Men […]

Moving towards standards

I’ve been a web developer for some time now. Since I entered High School, way back in late 1998. Since then times have changed, saw the bubble of free ISP’s who thought ads would pay for everything, to becoming a free ISP myself. One movement that’s really been large in my mind has been the […]

Trolls and Bugzilla

Times like these, I wish I had the appropriate permissions on my bugzilla account to terminate an account. No Asa, you are not a “Hitler” nor a “cancer”. In all honesty, from Bug Days on IRC, to setting up the new r.m.o system, Asa’s been great to work with. He’s really the easiest person in […]

Wolf Pr0n

Believe it or not, I used this in a college presentation. I’m a terrible person.

This can’t be good.. Rusian Airliner Crashes, Second Missing

The title pretty much says it all. 2 Tu-134 aircrafts simultaniously have what appears to be catastrophic problems. And on Sunday there are scheduled elections in Chechnya.

Everyone’s lost their mind

The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking Firefox 1.0 is very ambitious. It’s a worthwhile goal, but I think it’s being rushed slightly. Leading to people being very loose with the knives and willing to cut things out. So far victims include the ever so popular offline mode, and now everyone’s favorite […]

Freeipods Pt 2: My Offer Completed

Well, I completed my offer, and according to, I’m just 5 friends away from having an iPod. So if you want a free iPod (and help me get one). I think you should read the next line: So who wants to take a stab and help their buddy Rob out? I first mentioned this […]

I’m glad I’m not the only one

Benjamin Smedberg, Daniel Glazman, Henrik Gemal, Michael Kaply also appear to be part of ‘the resistance’ (can’t beat the nerdy name). View Source and JS Console are needed. Especially view source. This wouldn’t be a wise move.

Freeipods Pt 1: Free iPod

It’s apparently legitimate according to So want a free iPod (and use me as a referrer helping your humble reporter get one of his own? Click Here. Then just signup. There are several offers that look easy to complete, such as signing up for a credit card, or trying AOL. Just signup and cancel […]